Gainiac is a fitness brand that is about empowering bad-ass CrossFitters, BodyBuilders, Powerlifters, and Strongmen/Strongwomen with the Mindset, Passion, and the Unapologetic Attitude to be the best version of themselves!

We believe that together we hold the power to create a new future that unites our strengths while still expressing our unique individuality. Here at Gainiac you are able to express yourself to the fullest.

O and it is okay to be the hardest working Gainiac in the room or outside lol just let that s*** be known! 



 Gratitude: Every day we wake up is another opportunity to make a change and further our goals.

Approachability: By creating products that are approachable and easy to incorporate into daily routines, we can better welcome all interested individuals at all experience levels.

Inspire: As a community, we understand that we each have the power to inspire each other, as well as outsiders, to achieve our own personal version of greatness.

Nourish: Every ultra-fitness individual knows the importance of proper nutrition, and that by nourishing our business, feeding our commitment, and embracing our obsession – we are capable of incredible outcomes.

Impact: Each one of us in this organization as well as this industry must understand the incredible opportunity we each carry to impact our community, ourselves, and the world.

Ambition: Greatness is not for the weak. Good things might come to those who wait for it, but greatness is only achieved when you have the ambition to get up and turn dreams into reality.

Contribution: Each of us has a role to play in the success of others, and at GAINIAC, we understand that our personal contribution to the fitness and gym community can help change lives and breed excellence.