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Gainiac Apron



We both know that the real gains happen behind the scenes rather it’s in the kitchen or on a grill on a nice sunny day because protein is life 🥩🍗🐟! It’s only right that we keep you motivated and stylish outside of the gym when it comes to the most important part of the process.

Remember 80% nutrition and 20% working out provides a complete healthy package. That 20% of working out doesn’t mean to go easy on yourself. Follow the process, just be sure to get in the proper nutrition. Stay Motivated Gainiac! 💪😤

  • 100% cotton | Fabric weight: 3.2oz (lightweight)
  • Over-the-head and around-the-waist adjustable drawstring
  • 28” wide X 30” long with a split front pocket
  • Spot cleaning is recommended


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