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Branded Logo Stickers by Gainiac



Do you know why stickers are great to have? Stickers are like posters, they both have ways to keep you driving rather it's a poster of your favorite athlete or a sticker with a motivational quote. Think of your stickers as on the go motivation. We all had those days where we don't want to workout today but that's when you need motivation the most. You can place your sticker on your Water Jug, Protein Shack Bottle, or anywhere you'd like. Stay motivated Gainiac!💪😤
  • Size of the stickers: 3 in (7.6cm)
  • Material: Adhesive PVC with White Liner
  • Surface finishing: Glossy Lamination- Transparent
  • Perfect to personalize Water Jug, Protein Shake Bottle, Laptops, etc



  • Use on a clean surface when applying Sticker


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